Local Attractions

The City of Palmhurst offers a little bit of everything for everyone. The favorable climate of the area gives way to an area rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, while offering many activities in tune with nature.  The area also provides historical sites pertinent in US history. In terms of agriculture, farms plant, manicure, and harvest succulently sweet citrus.  Consumers can see the citrus being harvested and enjoy its pleasurable fruits within the orchard where it is grown. 


The Hidalgo Pumphouse houses machinery used to develop the local area centuries ago. Historically this site tells how this area, once undeveloped, played a major role in sustaining the life of the people who called the border region home.  As visitors learn about the past they can also enjoy the beautiful array of bird species which either call this World Birding Center site home or use it in their flights of migration. 


In terms of shopping, Palmhurst offers both local merchants and businesses that are recognized Nationwide.  The local businesses provide an array of merchandise to satisfy all needs and wants of consumers; meanwhile, the larger merchants provide a sense of respect and community within the City of Palmhurst.  

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