Compliance Dismissals

The Palmhurst Municipal Court must be presented with proof of compliance on or before the appearance date on the citation.  After the appearance date on the citation, you will need to request to see the judge. Compliance dismissals are at the judge's discretion and fees are subject to change.


 No Drivers License  Show proof you had a valid license at the date/time the violation occurred.   $10
 Fail to Display Drivers License  Show proof that your license was valid at the date/time the violation occurred.   $10
 Expired Registration*   Provide proof that the registration on the vehicle is up to date.    $10
 Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVI)*   Provide proof that the motor vehicle inspection is up to date.    $10
 Defective Equipment*   Provide proof that the defect on the vehicle was corrected.   $10
 Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Insurance)  Show proof you had valid insurance at the date/time the violation occurred.
 Proof must identify you by name or the vehicle listed on the citation

*For Expired Registration, Expired MVI, and Defective Equipment 
 Vehicle in violation must be brought in and a police officer will verify the vehicle is in compliance.

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