Building and Planning photos of Palmhurst, Texas

Residential Construction Projects

Building Permits are required for all proposed residential projects including, but not limited to, a new home, additions and accessory structures. Permit fees vary according to the type of project.  All proposed projects require a plan review process.



  • Application
  • Warranty Deed
  • Two (2) 11x17 Site Plans



  • Site plans will be reviewed for compliance with 2009 IBC Codes and City Ordinances
  • May take 24-48 hours



  • Upon site plan approval and collection of fees, permits will be issued.
  • Permits are issued on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 1pm.


Stormwater (Small Projects)

  • Small Construction Notice (Per TCEQ Inventory) 
  • Detailed Erosion Control Plan (Silt Fence, Construction Entrance, Inlet Protection, Concrete Washout) 


Applications may be emailed to


Attached Document or FileSub-Contractor Application Electrician, Plumber, Mechanical, Liquid Propane, Septic Installer, and Fire Sprinkler/Fire Suppressor

Sewer Line Connections



Sanitary Sewer Rates

  Fixed Rate Variable Sewage Quantity Multiplication Factor
A1 Residential Outside 10.95 2.15 Sewer Average 1.0
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